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Natural Hair and Bullying- What's the Connection?

The recent commercial acceptance of the natural hair movement has more mothers opting against adding straightening chemicals to their children’s hair- or even straightening it at all. Young children have a grade of hair that is more susceptible to damage from heat, so opting for natural hair is best. However, wearing your hair naturally isn’t always without its consequences.

Bullying is a major epidemic in the nation. Kids with bad intentions will find any reason to bully another unsuspecting child. Bullying stems from fear, and from not understanding how to accept the differences that the bullies see in other children. Having curly or coarse natural hair, how children are dressed, wearing glasses, having brown skin, being tall or short, having freckles, and a plethora of other uncontrollable factors can be reasons for your child to become a target of bullying.

While avoiding raising a bully begins at home, helping your little one to understand how to deal with bullies is essential. As they grow, teaching your children confidence helps them deal with bullying in a proactive way. When your child is confident and comfortable in their own skin, it’s harder for another child to break them down through taunting or words. Positive affirmations and having them say optimistic things about themselves daily, like: “I am smart” “I can do anything I put my mind to” and other self-encouraging statements can help boost their self-esteem at a young age.

It’s also imperative to teach your child that if they are being physically threatened or abused in any way, they need to let you or any trustworthy adult know immediately. There are many instances of severe bullying where the children feel trapped and alone and don’t disclose what’s happening. Bullying is real- and very common. Thus, you want to have genuine discussions about the topic to offer insight and answer questions your child may have on the matter. No parent is perfect, and no situation involving bullying is good. However, when you open the floor for your children to have these types of discussions, it becomes easier. 

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