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Frizz and Natural Hair- What's up with That?Every natural girl and woman will learn that humidity is their kryptonite. Humidity in the air causes major frizz- and that can lead to some disappointing hair days. For naturalistas, the longer, curlier and tighter the curl, the bigger the frizz. Understanding the science of why and how the moisture in the air impacts the volume of your hair will give you some foresight on how you can tame it when the weather isn’t on your side.

When the weather is humid, hydrogen forms between the water molecules and keratin proteins in your hair. The process of the hydrogen molecules coming in between the natural bonds of the hair causes frizz because the hydrogen separates the hair follicles and draws different follicles to one another. This process will also cause straight hair to curl up. The key to keeping the frizz at a minimum will be to use products that diffuse humidity by moisturizing your locks completely- which will help prevent hydrogen molecules from bonding- and add keratin to the hair. You can also these tips next time your locks start to frizz up and to prevent frizz:

  • Use a Sulfate-Free Shampoo
  • Co-Wash your Hair Instead of Using Shampoo
  • Keep your Hair Trimmed Every 6 Weeks to 2 Months
  • Use a Deep Conditioning or Hydrating Mask on the Hair Weekly
  • Abstain from Using Heat on the Hair Unnecessarily- Air Dry Wet Hair
  • Hydrate Hair with Tea Tree and Other Natural Oils
  • Braid, Wrap and Tie down your Hair at Night Using a Silk Scarf
  • Use Hydrating Lotions and Creams
  • Use Edge Gel to Lay Down Flyaways

When all else fails, a smooth bun is a great natural look for a frizz-prone day or when you’re experiencing inclement weather. A bun also helps maintain a straight hairstyle longer and fights off those deep waves that can embed into freshly straightened roots when humidity is present. You can achieve the perfect topknot or sleek bun by keeping it smooth- do so by using a hydrating or edge gel to repeal flyaways and frizzy ends.

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