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Yes, we should know this by now. Yes, we do it to some degree.

But for someone, like me, whose fragile hair apparently snags and splits on a dime, natural hair protection is key. Especially if you are trying to retain length – which I am at this point.

I sat in my stylists chair (which admittedly I only go to roughly 3 times a year) and poured out my frustrations over what I felt was the state of my afro hair, as she confirmed yet again, my split ends were quite high. That despite my efforts of finger combing, conditioning, moisturizing, satin cap wearing, and drinking so much water, I have a map of all the public restrooms within a 1/4 mile radius of wherever I’m going, my hair is quite dry – I threw up my hands in defeat.


Protect she said… and yes, seek professional help.

After we both laughed at her  response to my cry for “help” I said to her:

In this age of the “natural” I think most of us take pride in the DIY school of thought. Particularly since most of us haven’t had our fingers in our kinks for quite some time if at all until now. I celebrate us getting to know our naturals. Figuring it out as we go along. Loving, and being challenged, along the way with the diverse and fickle nature of our God-given coils.

That’s part of the journey and it’s imperative that we take the time to nurture and expose our crown and glory to the world, but, she said, we must also protect our crown and glory as part of that nurturing so we have something to celebrate for years to come.

Protect and when you’re having issues get the professional help you need to get back on course.

That’s great advice for this currently challenged natural and I hope for you.

It’s show and tell time – what are your favorite ways to protect your natural hair investment?

Submit your comments and/or a picture showing off your protective style of choice.

Here are some of mine!





NHCN_Curly Wig

Curly Wig

Author: Pamela

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