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What Are The Worst Things You Can Do To Your Natural Hair? Here Are Four You Might Be Guilty OfMany African-American women are only just getting to know the hair they were born with as they have always had relaxed hair. If you are new to natural hair care, it is so easy to make mistakes. Practices you think are good for your curls and coils might actually be detrimental to your tresses. Avoid damage and heartbreak by avoiding the following “hair crimes.”

1. Stripping your hair of relaxers.

You can’t get rid of the relaxers in your hair, period. Relaxers are permanent and trying to get rid of the chemicals by putting harsh shampoos, dish soap, vinegar or any product that claims to get rid of chemicals will only damage your hair. You either wait for your natural strands to grow out or do the big chop.

2. Shampooing too often or not often enough.

Determine the right shampoo routine for your hair considering your lifestyle. While you should not shampoo natural black hair daily, it should be washed more often than once per month. Dirt, dust, grime and pollution can make their way to your hair so it needs to be washed regularly to keep your hair and scalp clean. Shampooing once a week is generally a good schedule but if your natural hair is very short, washing 2-3 times weekly is not as drying as you might fear. Also, if you lead a very active life, i.e. you workout or you’re into outdoorsy stuff, then you must incorporate co-washes in your hair care regimen.

3. Using very tight hairstyles.

Your hairstyle should not be painful and uncomfortable. If you look good in a sleek updo or you prefer wearing a protective ‘do like braids, by all means wear it. But don’t pull your hair too tight because your hairline will suffer. Hair breakage will also become a problem sooner or later. Also, avoid using the same tight style every single day to avoid hair loss.

4. Not cutting off split ends.

Many ladies often have second thoughts about cutting away their thin, see-through ends. That is because it means shorter tresses. But trimming hair regularly and getting rid of split ends is actually better for healthier hair growth. Cutting the dead ends off will not make hair grow faster but it will prevent breakage and unhealthy curls. Hair naturally begins to split in about 3 months so trimming your hair every 3-4 months is recommended to keep your hair healthy and strong.

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