Why Do The Styling Choices That Black Women Make Continue To Be An Issue in The Workplace? Woman Fired For Wearing Blonde Highlights | Natural Haircare News
Dianne Austin
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These “hair issues in the workplace” stories are really making my blood boil. Here’s yet another situation where a woman makes a hairstyling choice that allegedly affects her ability to keep her job.  Seriously?

In this case, the woman, Farryn Johnson, who was fired by Hooters, chose to add blonde highlights to her hair. According to Farryn, she was told that she had to remove the blonde highlights because “black people don’t have blond in their hair so you need to take it out “.

Farryn’s hair appears to be straightened and I don’t know if this is “natural”  for her or not. The real point is that this once again raises the concern that many black women have – the feeling or belief that we need to wear our hair in a way that conforms to what is considered the norm while at work.  Farryn’s firing impacts all women who choose to wear their hair in braids, locs, or naturally loose and kinky/curly because of what her firing represents.

Have you been impacted in anyway because of your choice of hairstyle? Share in the comments section below.

Author:  Dianne

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