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Lupita Nyong'o Inspires All Natural Women

Image from Lupita’s official Instagram page (@lupitanyongo)

Lupita Nyong’o is a talented and beautiful actress that continues to wow us on screen with her thespian skills. However, this young woman brings much more to the table than glowing beauty and talent. Ms. Nyong’o oozes confidence in her heritage, her hair, and her velvety chocolate skin tone, epitomizing black girl magic. We see her on red carpets, award shows and on magazines, beautifully coiffed and dressed. Most often, Lupita chooses to wear her hair naturally.

There’s a method to why Lupita chooses to wear her hair naturally and advocate for self-love and confidence. As she shared with the Fall 2018 issue of Porter magazine, she’s tired of natural hair being painted in a poor light. Says the Oscar winner, “How often do you hear, ‘You can’t get a job with hair like that?’”

You wouldn’t think a woman of her stature would experience the same discriminations as the average natural woman. However, in 2017, Lupita graced the cover of UK’s Grazia magazine and the magazine opted to photoshop her hair into a smooth version of her look. Lupita struck back, posting both the original and the edited versions of the photos on Instagram and airing the magazine out.

Her frustration went further than just having her pictures altered by the magazine. Lupita didn’t want to be part of something that took away from the pride she feels in wearing her hair naturally. Understanding her role as an icon to many young girls and women, she wants her fans to always feel that they can be comfortable, strong and beautiful in their own skin.

Lupita realizes that a woman of color sporting her natural hair is often shunned in mainstream society. Thus, she opts to always go against the grain of their beauty standards. Kinky, curly texture is often perceived as less than, unkempt or uncivilized. Ms. Nyong’o doesn’t believe that though. As she told Allure magazine “loving your texture is important.” What a beautiful message for our natural sisters around the world to receive.

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