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Top 5 Sexy Natural Hairstyles: A Man’s Perspective

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How do you like to present yourself today? Will be a classy with a touch of edge? Or professional with a sexy twist? Your hair can deliver whatever look you desire and that’s the sexiest thing about natural hair. Whatever natural hairstyle you choose illuminates your beauty in different ways.

To be honest, I can make countless top 5 sexy natural hairstyles posts. It’s a turn-on to see sistas rock their natural hair period, no matter the style. For now, I will settle for the following five hairstyles.

Afro Puffs

Whenever I see a sista rocking afro puffs, it reminds me of that old school rap song. It is just something sexy about seeing black women wear this hairstyle. Besides the regular afro, this was the natural hairstyle that our moms and aunties rocked back in the 70s. (And is probably what made our dads and uncles holler at them)

Thanks to the natural hair movement, this hairstyle has come back in vogue. And like black men in the 70s, we are still checking for the sistas who “Rock rough and stuff with her afro puffs!”

Curly Frohawk

Whenever I see a sista rock a curly frohawk, it makes me lick my lips. This look is very appealing to my eyes. This style makes me think…I’ll just keep it PG. Let’s just say it makes me think that she knows how to please the man that she’s with.

Two-Tone Curly, Kinky Twists

Who said you only got to keep your hair one color? It’s nothing wrong with adding a splash of another color to spice up your look. This hairstyle is one that will make brothas gawk when you’re out on the town with your homegirls.  

Natural Updos

If you wanted a style to look “workplace sexy”, this is it! Seeing a sista rock this style makes me think she’s innocent. But you know what they say about the ones that look innocent, right? J

Short Natural Sass Curls

The name of this hairstyle says it all: sass. When I see sistas wearing this style, they remind me of a sassy, sexy schoolgirl.

Bonus: Natural Ombre Bun

I had to slip this extra hairstyle in. My ex rocked this style and I loved it! This style is sexy in a sophisticated way.

Do you rock any of these natural hairstyles? If so, do the brothas be showing you love? Let me know in the comment section below.


Author: Marcus Woods

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