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LaToya Harris

USA Today Explores the Natural Hair Movement’s GrowthUSA Today explored in a recent article the reason why the natural hair movement’s presence has surpassed Hollywood, and it uncovered some interesting facts about the beginning stages of the natural hair movement.

The article mentions natural sightings in Hollywood like Tracee Ellis Ross and Zendaya’s styles. Next, it talks about how the natural hair movement includes regular people. The article quotes some eye-opening statistics about the declining interest of Black women to relax their hair. One of the stylists named Whitney Green from a natural hair salon called Warren Tricomi Salon told USA Today that only approximately 5% of her clients still use relaxers.

In our article, Are Relaxers Becoming Extinct, we attempted to explain whether relaxers were becoming extinct and the stylists’ stats in the USA Today article is a clear indication they’re heading in that direction.

One the most important facts from the article came from celebrity hairstylist, Felicia Leatherwood. She reminded us of the time when both men and women were getting the cornrows inspired by basketball players. I remember being in high school in the early 1990s-2000s and getting my natural hair braided in those curvy and zigzag styles. Leatherwood said, ‘Women saw it, and they would come in to the salon I worked at and ask for them.’

The USA Today article contains many different reasons why women have chosen to go natural including hair loss, empowerment, trends, and more. I think the most significant thing about the natural hair movement the article covers is that it didn’t start in Hollywood. Movie and television stars wearing their natural hair in different styles definitely inspires some women to do the same but the movement started with everyday Black women. Kudos to USA Today for the story!

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