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The Politics Behind Natural Hair- What Kind of Statement am I Making?Wearing your hair in its natural form is often looked at in a political or cultural manner and in many ways, it is. Wearing your hair naturally says that you are comfortable and secure in yourself. A natural girl is one that is not bound to the conformities of society’s definition of beautiful.

Going natural isn’t an easy choice- thus you are going against the grain in what brown women in this country have been taught for centuries about the quality of their hair. Let’s explore how natural girls rock their intelligence, uniqueness, sense of style and beauty all through the power of their natural hair.

I’m Health-Conscious and Smart!

A natural girl is often one that is aware of the products that she is putting into her body- as well as her hair. She knows that using unsafe chemicals in her hair can not only damage her tresses but can give her adverse health issues as well.

I’m Confident!

A natural girl is confident in her being. She vibrates on high and isn’t concerned about what people think about her. A natural girl is the true definition of a badass!

I’m Stylish

Women love to use their hair to interpret their sense of style and this is no different with natural girls. With styles like locs, braids, faux and mohawks, flat twists, various curly and straight styles and much more, a natural girl expresses her sense of style through her hair. Her clothes become the accessory.

I’m Unafraid and Daring!

There are many natural girls that audaciously express themselves through their hair using vivid color, bold and unique parts, various haircuts and intricate hairstyles. Those unique and daring representations speak on their personality- a woman with style and pizzazz, a true fashionista that unflinchingly and self-assuredly steps into the world, ready to take it by storm.

Next time someone asks you what kind of statement you’re making with your natural hair, look them squarely in the eye and say, “what do you think?” Rock on, naturalistas.

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