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How to Work Through the Highs and Lows of the Natural Hair Journey

When you’ve become accustomed to relaxing your hair for most of your existence, going natural is a strong jolt of reality in how much your life alters. As with any major lifestyle change, if you are unprepared for what’s in front of you, you may become deterred- and that deterrence may make you consider quitting this positive step toward self-improvement.

Be Mentally Prepared for the Big Chop- or Transition into Natural Hair

The ‘big chop’ is the most blatantly visual change in going natural. It’s also the quickest way to pull off the bandage and dive into the natural world. You can also experience that beautiful freedom of no longer being a slave to your hair and open your mind into trying new styles as you become comfortable with your texture.

While popular, the big chop isn’t the only way to go natural. Transitioning is the act of cutting your hair little by little until only your new growth remains in its natural state. You can cut your hair as often as you like, cutting your hair a couple inches at a time- and the timeframe in which you transition is totally up to you. However, do bear in mind that dealing with two completely different textures at once can become extremely challenging in the long run.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Coarse hair is inherently dry, so especially in its natural state, your hair will require extra moisture. Use water-based instead of petroleum-based products- and watch out for parabens and other carcinogens in your hair products. Instead, opt for those that have natural, from the earth ingredients. Some great hydrating ingredients to look for are avocado, carrot oil, tea tree oil, aloe, lavender, and shea butter. Deep conditioning will be a must!

Find a Support System

Big changes are the most successfully adhered to with a support system in place. Whether it’s finding a group on social media to join and share with or following the experiences on Natural Haircare News, your sisters will uplift you and offer encouragement and recommendations. These support systems will add ease to your journey toward natural hair.

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