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Pastor Says No To Hair Weaves In His ChurchNow, more than ever, there are a lot of perspectives and opinions out there when it comes to how black women wear their hair.

Although, here at Natural Haircare News, we obviously advocate and support Natural Hair, we never try to judge anyone’s journey when it comes to the image they choose to present.

That said I’d be lying if I didn’t share I was more than a bit intrigued by the Pastor and his policy.

Part of his concern, aside from stating that “these women are trying to be something they are not”, stems from the fact that his parishioners have financial troubles yet still seem to find hundreds of dollars to put towards this process.

I would have to concur on the money observation.

What do you think?

Read the following article and weigh in on this controversial move by leaving a comment below.

Pastor Bans Hair Weaves From His Church

Author: Pamela

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3 Responses to Pastor Says No To Hair Weaves In His Church

  1. Linda Walton-Robinson says:

    If he’s banning weaves, then he’ll have to ban braids, twisties, manicures/pedicures, make-up, and perms. All of that has to do with a woman’s appearance. That means, everyone woman is going to have to wear afros, no make-up, and no nail care. What are the men giving up? golfing? ESPN? What is HE giving up?

  2. Wynnie says:

    This certainly does not surprise me. I am sure there are many men and probably some women who feel this way. Thank God none of them make decisions for me. However valid the Pastor’s points may be, there should be supplication to change the hearts and minds of his congregation so that they will take care of responsibilities first. He has put it in his own hands rather than Gods and has forgotten that God gives each of us free will!

  3. Lindy says:

    I will TRY to be nice — Reverend Poopentate ought to mind his business. It all comes back to the almighty buck for him. He talks about the amount of dollars women spend. Trust me, if they don’t spend it for hair, they’ll spend it anyway and most-prolly not at the Revs House of WARship. MIND YOUR OWN FRIGGIN’ BUSINESS!!!!!

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