Shedding: "I Am Not My Hair" | Natural Haircare News

That is how the dictionary defines it.

There are various ways in which we can reference this word. One can shed a tear, unwanted pounds, clothing… and then there is hair.

Even the person with the healthiest head of hair can’t avoid the “natural” process of shedding.

For my sister, and Natural Haircare News co-founder, Dianne, the process of shedding hair has taken on a whole new meaning as she gets Chemotherapy as a followup precaution to her recent lumpectomy after being diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

For my sister, and others like her, thank goodness the Big C no longer has to be a death sentence. And our family is truly grateful that her diagnosis was early and her procedure was a success.

Now the next phase of the healing journey begins.

As we all (although we can never truly experience what she’s going through physically and emotionally) go through this journey, I want my sister to know I hold the light for her always, and most certainly at times, when perhaps she feels she cannot.  Even the strongest of us, and she is strong, have moments of frustration, doubts and fears.

So, in celebration of my sister, and all of us who need a reminder every now and then, for her consistently positive energy. For her faith and courage as she sheds; tears, pounds and unwanted clothing (as a result of those shed pounds), and of course her hair due to Chemo, I reach to one of my favorite artists, India Arie, who’s hair anthem says it all.

“I am not my hair” featuring Akon.

Love you big sis. You got this!


Whether due to health reasons or not, how do you deal with (or celebrate) the ongoing changes of your natural hair journey?

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