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Yes, the title #BlackSalonProblems is a little provocative but no worries – Rica Elysee, Founder of BeautyLynk, a nationally recognized hair, makeup and nails “at home or office” service featuring fully vetted beauty professionals ain’t hating on black hair salons.
Just the opposite.  She loves the industry and its dedicated beauty professionals which is why she started BeautyLynk in Boston and spread services to major cities from coast to coast. Rica wants to do want she can to continue to raise the profile of the hard working talented professionals in the industry. That’s why she needs your help. Please take one minute to complete the #BlackSalonProblems survey.  (I took the survey and it literally only took one minute to complete)! Natural or straight, your feedback is important.
Check out Rica’s story below.
Founder, Natural Haircare News
For almost two years I have been working on building a company focused on building technology to connect customers and beauty professionals with BeautyLynk
One thing that has helped me throughout this journey it has been listening to advice, opinions and feedback. 
My goal is to hear your voice to do better. Currently,  I am doing research around #blacksalonproblems ASK
If you can spare a few mins complete survey HERE or share the link  with someone that you know would be able to share their ideas, opinions or feedback. 
My goal is to reach at least 1,000 women that want to share their thoughts. 
Thank you so much  simple_smile (HUGS) 

Boston Naturals

Rica Elysee 



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