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Dianne Austin
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If you are a naturalista in the Boston area, you know that there isn’t much going on in terms of large events that center around natural hair.  That’s why I was excited to attend the “Curls Gone Wild” Natural Hair and Health event held last Saturday, October 12, 2013. The event was sponsored by Three Little Birds, LLC,  an event planning company in the Boston area.

My cousin and fellow naturalista, Lynnette and I attended the event together.

Design Essentials Natural Hair Products

The Ladies of Design Essentials

This natural hair event promised a variety of workshops and vendors and the event did not disappoint. Always on the lookout for new products, we found a few natural hair product vendors, (or their marketing materials),  that we were not familiar with, like Alikay Naturals, and Designs Essentials.

The workshops ranged from “Transitioning 101“, “DIY Products“, (Do it Yourself products) to ” Up Do’s“,  “Loving Your Locs“, “The Art of Headwrapping” and “What are Sisterlocks?

Lynnette at Curls Gone Wild

Lynnette at the “Makeup By Madison” Table

I was hoping to be able to attend at least one workshop but the workshops were spread out throughout the day and we weren’t able to stay for the entire 6 hour event.

It would have been great to see live demonstrations or discussions by natural hair experts for those not attending the workshop in the main vendor area. It didn’t take away from the event. Just my personal wish list!

I loved that several of the vendors provided services at their booths. There was a makeup vendor who for a fee performed makeovers and eye brow sculpting. Another vendor performed onsite massages for a very reasonable fee. There was also live entertainment which we enjoyed.

The one baffling part of the event is that one of the vendors was selling straight weave hair. It was quite the dichotomy since the focus of the event was on celebrating and caring for natural hair.

Regardless, we enjoyed the natural hair event and look forward to future events. Thank you Three Birds, LLC!

Author: Dianne

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2 Responses to My Thoughts: Curls Gone Wild Natural Hair Event in Boston

  1. Willie Love Parks says:

    Natural hair is beautiful. My daughter is Veronica. She had always enjoyed working doing learning about ways to take care and do hair.💘 Mom

  2. Lynnette Culbreath says:

    I too enjoyed the ‘Curls Gone Wild’ Event last Saturday in Boston. I enjoy even more being a ‘Naturalista’ and supporting my cousins Dianne and Pamela. I ‘sported’ Locs for a couple of years but now have gone totally natural. As with Dianne, I was a little baffled at the event as I also noticed a vendor with ‘straight’ weave….kinda ‘unatural’ to say. Many interesting vendors were on display with natural products that caught my eye. My wish however would have been to have available samples that none of the vendors offered. Samples to me would allow spectators to become even more acquainted with the products and produce sales. I am not one to spend a lot of money on unfamiliar products only to find out later I am not pleased with my purchase. The ‘Mary Kay’ Vendor had products I was familiar with since I have used them in the past. One product on display was ‘Satin Hands’ which is a very good hand treatment. I have my own rep which is a cousin of mine therefore my sales must go to her. ‘Frugal Bookstore’ was onsite too and got a sale from me. I have visited their store location many times in the past. Finally, ‘Art & Graphic Designer ‘Monicka Hasan’ displayed her products which were winners for me in displaying her ‘best self’. The Three Little Birds, LLC did a great job and I look forward to their next event.

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