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Dianne Austin
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We recently posed the following question to our 900+ Natural Hair Facebook community:

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Do You Find the Term "Nappy Hair" Offensive?We got some interesting responses, but not the responses that we had first expected… Most people were not offended by the term “nappy” when describing their natural hair.

A lot has changed over the last several years.

I can remember as a child that telling someone that they had “nappy” hair was like saying a dirty word; one that cut to the very heart of a black woman’s perception of her beauty and self-esteem.

We know that there is a history behind why a five letter word has so much power. The pressure to conform to European standards of beauty was deep-rooted.  But based on many of the responses, we’ve come a long way since the 1970’s.

We decided to poll our Natural Haircare News visitors who may not be on Facebook.  What do you think?  Is the word “nappy” an offensive word to you?

Do You Find The Word "Nappy" When Describing Your Hair Offensive?

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2 Responses to Do You Find the Term “Nappy Hair” Offensive?

  1. Kimberly Brooks says:

    Any word that is or was given to the black people from slave master like N*ppy to me is offensive. I was a word used to divide us and it did. I do understand that there are people who feel that it can be used to bring us together. If that has worked for you I’m glad ,but I come from a time when that word hurt just as much as B*cth and N*gger. In this generation everyone is trying to empower the very words that once upon a time have tore us down and divided us. How do you erase those scars? How do you take away the pain? I don’t use any of these word and I never plan to. They will never be empowering to me. Just a reminder of how people have tried to tear us down. I know we are a strong people and many today won’t agree. This is just my opinion.

    • Dianne Austin says:

      I understand and appreciate your perspective. As for me, it is not about trying to empower myself. It really is as simple as just a word to me. Now, if you are talking about some of your other examples, yes I have an issue. We all have a certain line we won’t cross even though there is still some level of, “why should I let it bother me if it doesn’t describe me“. Nappy just isn’t one of those words for me.

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